Software House Internship (Sydney)

tieoppoAMBRO01-4689Sydney Local Market Experience

• Gain local Sydney experience in Software House
• Enter the exciting Mobile Apps market segment
• Lead to paid position in Marketing

The Employer
This Sydney city based software house designs bespoke custom made mobile apps for mobile based industries.

The Position
This is a marketing position. You will learn how to apply the marketing, market research and project management skills that you are learning on the job. Working closely with the business owner you will assist to identify a marketing strategy that can be used to secure mobile apps clients.

Time & Commitment
Initially 5 hours per week (as an internship), with plans to turn into a paid part-time position (up to 20 hours per week).

Selection Criteria
• MBA or business student with a strong interest in Marketing
• Strong GPA
• Excellent communication skills
• This is a CareersCoach supported internship participation in the Graduate Coaching program is required and will support you throughout the placement
• Passionate about marketing

This position is designed to lead to a paid position as a part-time marketing person within the company.

How to Apply
Email your resume to