There is no greater joy!

There is no greater joy for my son than to run onto the soccer field with his team on a Saturday morning. So much so that on a recent holiday he begged his father to bring him home early so as to avoid missing a game.

Last Saturday there was a moment during the game when the coach called from the sidelines “boys you’re on the same team”! The parents laughed, the boys aged 7 and 8 where jostling over who would get the ball. As the coach added “take your places on the field”! Each had been unknowingly playing their own individual game.

This got me to thinking about how this type of on field jostling can also play out in corporate workplace teams. Where it’s hard to see and no doubt limits to the attainment of organisational goals. It’s quite common for a particular position within a team to become attractive to others. Perhaps the person in that role appears to be kicking more goals or is getting a lot of praise or looks like they are having the most fun! This can lead to all sorts of problems and aggressive behaviours that can lead to jostling and team members being pushed over.

Teams are at their best when there is a strong leader who puts the right people in the right roles, expects them to be in position and calls from the sidelines to avoid political jostling, personal agendas and internal competition, which only leads to lost opportunities to score goals.

As Steve Harmony has famously said: “You don’t get harmony when everybody sings the same note”.