What question should you ask yourself every day?

There is one question that you need to ask yourself every day. That question’s is….. “What could I have done better or differently today”? Always approach this question positively because it is not about identifying what is wrong with yourself but just about continually achieving your best. By taking the time to ask yourself this […]

Career Path Finder

Who is this for Anyone who is planning their career.   What you get! 4 x Career Coaching sessions   Access to all CareersCoach career development tools including: • Expert audio advice • Coaching tasks • Personality test • Financial planning tools • Tools to explore and research exciting career options   Quality Assurance Aligned: […]

Create A Resume That Will Win Interviews

Your resume is the single most important tool that you have in winning an interview. Your resume will act as a marketing tool by highlighting your skills, experience and education as it best relates to the position. Jobseekers who win interviews do so because they have a resume that is well set out, looks professional […]

Avoid the…..I want what she’s/he’s got trap!

When planning your career or considering a change it is a great idea to look around at what other people are doing in their work. However sometimes when a person is so enthusiastic with their job it can be very tempting to stop exploring and just pursue what that person is doing in favour of […]

Yahoo! Marissa Mayer: Career Profile

I am a huge fan of Marissa Mayer (MM). She is a woman of my generation who has kicked career butt in the male dominated industry of IT. She loves fashion, but the self confessed geek runs circles around the world’s top IT genius’s.  MM makes it cool for girls and young women to pursue […]

Mothers Returning to Work

Who is this coaching program for? Mums who had a career before motherhood, who want to navigate their way back into the world of work after extended leave.   What You Get! 1.      8 x 20 min coaching sessions   2.      Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include assistance with: ·         Writing […]

How to Rise to the Top in a Male Domoniated Workplace

Do you work in an organization or industry that is dominated by men? Is almost every senior position in the company held by a man? Do you wonder how it will be possible for you to ever rise to the top in such a male dominated organisation? If so don’t panic! Use our tips below […]

Career Planning News: Ask yourself these four questions….

Planning your career is one of the most exciting and important things that you will ever do in your life. The career planning decisions that you make today will impact greatly on the lifestyle that you lead in the future. Luckily there are lots of planning tools around that can assist you in your career […]