Career Planning Tools Sydney

Career Needs Assessment! Get a Career Needs Assessment Today! Option 1: For a FREE  telephone assessment of your career development needs, simply contact Lisa on to book a consultation. Option 2: Complete the forms below. BOOK NOW!   Job Search Assistant  Who is this coaching program for?   Anyone who is searching for a […]

Career Path Finder

Who is this for Anyone who is planning their career.   What you get! 4 x Career Coaching sessions   Access to all CareersCoach career development tools including: • Expert audio advice • Coaching tasks • Personality test • Financial planning tools • Tools to explore and research exciting career options   Quality Assurance Aligned: […]

Engineering Jobs

Following are some great links to websites that advertise IT jobs: Good luck with your job search and don’t hesitate to contact CareersCoach if you need assistance in writing your resume and preparing for your job interview.

Dress for Career Success

Overview: Dress for Career Success Every new person that you meet will form an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you. To create that vital first impression that can open doors you need to know how to dress for any business situation. Studies show that employers can an will promote staff who portray […]

Occupation Assessment

Occupation Assessment…answers these questions Does the occupation match your skills, qualities, talents and education? Will you find the occupation rewarding? Is there opportunity for job promotions? Is it really the right occupation for you?   What You Get! 1.      Salary information 2.      Jobs availability statistics 3.      Daily responsibilities 4.      Training pathways 5.      Information from people […]

Get the Right Qualifications!

Educational qualifications are an important way to build your knowledge, skills and suitability for a job. That said qualifications need to match a position. For example if you have a Masters level education in Engineer that won’t qualify you to be an Events Manager. Career Planning When planning your career is it really important to […]