WHS Alert! Are your Staff at Risk of Heavy Lifting Injury

Heavy lifting injuries account for a large percentage of WHS injuries in Australia. Are your workers at risk? Do you need comprehensice WHS policies and procedures implemented without stress: http://careerscoach.com.au/course/whs-tools-resources-business/Take this assessment to find out if your business is at WHS risk:  

Recruitment: Get it right!

Hire he the right persoon the first time around /http://careerscoach.com.au/course/recruitment-screening-resources/ . Make hiring decisions that are logical, ethical and secure the candidate that can succeed in the role by using theses screening lools and resources. Headhunting and recruitment services also available.

Up to date skills Audits keep your staff happy and increase retention

90% of employees who leave organisations feeling dissatisfied say that they did so because they were overlooked for a promotion that ultimately went to someone who was less quaified and less experienced. This outcome is bad for morale, increases staff turnover and can open organisations up for unfair work claims and adverse action claims. Startlingly […]

Quiz: Are you job interview ready?

Before a job interview it is important to make sure that you have done your research and that you are ready for anything that could happen during the job interview. Take this quiz to find out if you are ready to be interviewed.

There is no greater joy!

There is no greater joy for my son than to run onto the soccer field with his team on a Saturday morning. So much so that on a recent holiday he begged his father to bring him home early so as to avoid missing a game. Last Saturday there was a moment during the game […]