CareersCoach Melbourne

CareersCoach MelbourneCareersCoach Melbourne, is a Career Coaching company that assists client to build their career.

CareersCoach Melbourne, Career Coaching can assist you with career planning, career change and building your career.

CareersCoach Melbourne, has a wide network of career coaches internationally. These coaches have training in career coaching.

Once you become a CareersCoach Melbourne client, you will be matched to the coach that best suits your needs. Your coach will use the CareersCoach online coaching activities to provide you with high quality service. .

You will receive career coaching in person or online.

CareersCoach Melbourne,  services include: career planning, graduate coaching and job search.  Application Writing (resumes, cover letters, response to key criteria, government applications, portfolios, LinkedIn profiles).  Career transition coaching, interview coaching, goal setting, mothers and fathers returning to work, weekly wellness activities.

CareersCoach Melbourne manCareersCoach Melbourne: Career Planning

CareersCoach Melbourne, is a career coaching organisation that can assist high school students to plan their career.

Career planning activities that you will participate in include: personality assessments and skills assessments and using online career planning cards.

All CareersCoach Melbourne, career planning including using online career coaching programs.

Key benefits of participating in career planning includes: setting clear career goals to work towards, receiving support from your coach.

CareersCoach Melbourne groupCareersCoach Melbourne: Graduate Coaching

CareersCoach Melbourne, Graduate Job Search coaching program, is a coaching program that assists graduates to successfully gain employment when they graduate from university.

When you participate in the Graduate Career Coaching program you will receive coaching in how to prepare your resume. How to search for a job and how to answer job interview questions.

You will gain access to online coaching including: career videos and planning tools, personality testing and assessment tools, resume writing tools and work wardrobe planning tools.

Online coaching is supported by a career coach that is matched to your specific career development needs.

Key benefits of Graduate Coach include: support during what can be a stressful transition period, advice and guidance from an experienced professional, support from your coach and Assistance in future career planning.

CareersCoach Melbourne 2 peopleCareersCoach Melbourne: Job Search

CareersCoach Melbourne, Job Search and Employment Coaches will assist you by providing feedback on your: Cover Letter, Response to job application criteria.

The CareersCoach Melbourne, Coach can also provide you will extensive interview coaching and interview practice. Assist you to find online jobs and connect you to Head Hunters.

Additionally, CareersCoach will also provide you with coaching and advice on: the best job boards and finding jobs and vacancies, job search strategies, recruitment agencies and recruiters and Portfolio Development.

At each stage of the way coaching will be tailored to your specific needs and provided by a coach who has the experience that matches to your career needs and career goals.

Job Search coaching will be supported by the frame work of the CareersCoach online tools.

Topics covered in the online resources include: getting best out of your recruiter, tailoring job applications, job interview hair and groom. Answering job interview questions. Appropriate job interview body language.

Key benefits of Job Search Coaching include: Support for professionals who understand the current careers market and Confidence boosting.

CareersCoach Melbourne, phoneCareersCoach Melbourne: Application Writing Services

CareersCoach Melbourne, provides job application writing services including: resume writing, portfolio preparation, preparing government applications, cover letter writing and selection criteria preparation.

All application writing services offered by CareersCoach is backed up with online coaching tools and resources to provide you with knowledge to ensure that your professionally written resume will stand out from other resumes and highlight your strengths as a candidate.

The selection criteria writing services includes: preparation of government job applications and embedding positive words into applications.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Career Transition Coaching

CareersCoach Melbourne, offers Career Transition coaching. Career Transition Coaching is designed to support you in transitioning from one career path to another.   Once you enrol in the Career Transitioning Coaching program, you will be assigned a coach, who will  assist you to transition your career. Your coach will support you with career planning. Your coach will assist you to identify your career strengths and transferable skills. To develop a career transition strategy and to build your confidence.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Goal Setting

A CareersCoach Melbourne, goal setting coach will assist and support you to set and achieve your career goals. Your coaching will do this by helping you to identify and achieve your goals and by utilising the CareerCoach online goal setting tools and resources. These tools and resources include activities to assisting you in: identifying career goals, clarifying goals, planning goals and identifying potential threats to goal achievement.

Key benefits of goal setting include: having a clear plan of action, increased motivation and positive career and personal outcomes.

CareersCoach Melbourne: LinkedIn Profile

A CareersCoach Melbourne, professionally tailored LinkedIn profile will be well written and designed to include keywords that will: increase your ranking, highlight your skills, qualifications and experience and secure opportunities that are aligned to your career goals.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Selection Criteria Writing Service

CareersCoach Melbourne, can provide you with a government selection criteria writing service.

Our professional selection criteria writers will prepare your government selection criteria application for you.

Our selection criteria writers will work with you to thoroughly review and analyse the position description and all aspects of your experience and skills. They also conduct research on your prospective employer to ensure that they have a deep understanding of all the requirements needed to write winning selection criteria responses to assist you in proceeding to the interview stage.

We work with you to make sure you carefully explore your total experience to find accurate and suitable answers that will enable you to showcase your strengths. Then put the most relevant example forward in your answers, to demonstrate your ability to do the role, your core competencies that reflect the role requirements, and the behaviours that align with the company and the position. It is important for us develop an in-depth understanding of you, your experiences and personality when writing selection criteria responses.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Interview Coaching

CareersCoach Melbourne, has an interview coaching program that is called interview coach. 

Students who complete Interview Coach will be assigned coach who can assist them to develop their job interview skills. Your interview coach will assist you to prepare for interviews. You will practice answering  job interview questions. Learn how to prepare for a job interview. Learn how to dress for job interviews. Receive access to online tools and resources to assist you to win your next job.

Once you have completed interview coaching you will feel more confident in your job interview skills.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Mothers/Fathers Returning to Work

CareersCoach Melbourne, has a coaching program that is designed for both mothers and fathers who are returning to work after taking parental leave. This coaching program is designed to assist parents in their career transition back to work , after taking parental leave.

Once you have registered to complete the course, you will be assigned a coach who will provide you with career coaching. You coach will assist you to be job ready. Prepare a resume. Identify suitable job opportunities. apply for jobs. Prepare for job interviews. Build you career confidence. Plan your wardrobe. Identify study pathways.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Weekly Wellness Activities for HR Managers and Teams

CareersCoach Melbourne has a range of online weekly wellness activities.  These are online activities that you can incorporate into your work culture and human resources practices. Weekly activities Include bring your dog to Work Day. Meat Free Monday.  Managing Initiative at Work.  Happy Cards to complete positive mindset activities.

There are a number of key benefits to completing these weekly wellness activities. These benefits include: achieving a better work/life balance, increased morale within the workplace and increasing the wellness of staff.

CareersCoach Melbourne: Overcome Impostor Syndrome

CareersCoach Melbourne, provides a career coaching program called Overcome Impostor Syndrome. Overcome Impostor Syndrome is an online coaching program that provides students with the tools and resources needed to help people to overcome Impostor Syndrome at work.

Overcome Impostor Syndrome is for human resource managers, psychologists and counsellors to assist and support them in working with staff to overcome Impostor Syndrome.