Avoid the…..I want what she’s/he’s got trap!

131502When planning your career or considering a change it is a great idea to look around at what other people are doing in their work. However sometimes when a person is so enthusiastic with their job it can be very tempting to stop exploring and just pursue what that person is doing in favour of finding your own path.

We are all individuals. Every person’s life and career is made up of their experiences, talents, likes, skills and dislikes. So an occupation that your friend may thrive in and love might not be right for you.

When planning your career it is really important to take the time to understand what it is that makes you unique and how that can translate into an enjoyable career path.

When making a career transition it is vital to take a stock take of all of your qualifications, career experience and achievements. These form the story of who you are.

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