CareersCoach clients are valued respected and empowered to define and achieve their career goals in a way that aligns to their studies, life goals and culture. Here is what some CareersCoach clients has have to say….

I highly recommend this program to everyone who is planning to find a job; this program gives us all necessary instructions about the job market, helps us to build confidence, introduce the tools and prepare our selves in all imaginable detail. I have some friends from Sydney University and I have told them about this program in Macquarie University and I have recommended them to look for the same kind of program in Sydney University.
I have learned a lot with Lisa’s, techniques.

I most enjoyed the opportunity to communicate career perception to career adviser and make improvements on job application and interview skills. University needs to advertise this program more so more people know about it, because I only so lucky that accidently found out about this program.

It has been an amazing experience during last 7-weeks. I have never imaged what the course could deliver to me. The most interesting thing is to get interacting and foreseeing what would happen in interviews and at work in the future. Of course, and the pleasure to know you, Lisa.

This is an excellent program which will enhance your ability for job interviews, find your personal strength and improve your confidence for applying jobs. I highly recommend this program.

I got to find out more about what I want to do in my career and to believe in myself.

I most enjoyed the opportunity to communicate my ideas and insight to the field of my interest with Lisa
I have learned the importance of experience and opportunities, never giving up and not making excuses
Lisa understood my individual lifestyle needs in career planning.

I most enjoyed getting to know about the things that I should prepare for my future career.
I have developed a LinkedIn network and a plan for my career future.
It’s a perfect program for people who don’t know how to prepare for their career.

Firstly, I would like to emphasize that the quality of this program is spectacular. Trainer Lisa O’Brien is expert of her field and she can add precious skills and motivate to participants. During the program I enjoyed mostly about talking my professions and trainer helped me to think of which profession fit my abilities.
The most valuable skill that I learned in the program is Lisa said me that, if you want to change something you need to think with your intellect.

I learned that, career planning is a way of making the best use of your current situation and foreseeable opportunities. Given that unpredictable events and changes can occur over time, view your plan as a guide and allow space for adjustments and changes to your approach. Finally, I would like to say that, now my self-confidence is higher than before the program.

The program was very informative and was helpful in the professional development as well, as the coach encourages on building a personal brand. It was detail oriented and assisted me to prepare for various interviews and also helped me boost up my confidence. The program also focused on the importance of having a LinkedIn profile and the ways to promote our profile was also discussed. It facilitated my communication skills as well. The program was very useful as the coach used to go through the core details of the firm and analyse the website of various firms to help me prepare for interviews.

My job interview confidence has improved since completing the program. The program helped me to prepare on how to answer situational questions as well as personality questions. It facilitated my communication skills and encouraged me to recognise my skills and personal brand. It assisted by preparing me on how to put my values and skills on the table while giving an interview.
I feel a positive change in me as I feel more confident in giving the interviews and applying for various jobs. It helped me deal with my nervousness and pressure while in an interview. I am able to advertise my values and skills in a much better way.

My overall career planning confidence increased since completing the program. I am now able to plan my career path and look into more career options in a broader way. The program is very useful and I would definitely convey the aspects of this program to my peers. The careers coach tailors the program according to the individual needs that benefits in overall career planning.