Q&A: Following are some commonly asked questions. If you have your own question email: lisa@careerscoach.com.au

Q. How do I download a CareersCoach app?

A. Simply double click on the app and follow the instructions. You will be asked to type in your details and pay securely via Paypal or by credit card.

Q. What devices can I use the app on?

A. You can use the app on your computer and on almost any mobile device.

Q. Will I receive a follow up coaching session with a trainer.

A. Not with the initial purchase of the app, however you can purchase training at an additional fee by contacting: lisa@careerscoach.com.au

Q. Can I purchase the CareersCoach app, but have follow up training with my own Careers Adviser.

A. Yes, it is recommended that you check to ensure that your Careers Adviser holds a Certificate IV in Career Development as a minimum. The CareersCoach online training provides your career adviser with a framework to which they can add their expertise.