Surviving the Work Christmas Party!

One: Don’t drink too much Better yet just have one! Having a drink with your supervisor and colleagues provides a great opportunity for you to get to know them better. However with a few too many drinks things could get embarrassing very quickly. Remember you need to face them at work. Two: Dress for the […]

Career Coaching Melbourne

Interview Coach Course Overview: Interview Coach Quality Assurance Every online interview training course at CareersCoach is followed up by one-on-one coaching session by phone or Skype so that your training can be specifically tailored to a job that you are applying for. Great care is taken to understand you and what you have to offer […]

Plan for your lifestyle as well as your career!

Recently at dinner my four year old announced that he is planning to move to America as soon as he grows up. He explained that there are no Rockets in Australia….and he wants to fly a rocket for his job. This reminded me of the importance of considering lifestyle impacts when planning your career. The […]

3 Things to do before starting a new job!

Understand the culture of the organisation Every organisation has a different culture (organisational personality). It is important to understand the culture of the organisation before starting so that you are best able to fit in with the team. Know the requirements of the job Know what you will be required to do in the job. […]

Three things that will impress your Supervisor!

Turning up to work on time It’s a no-brainer but surprising how many people fail to do this. Do your job, then scaffold Do exactly what you are required to do it your job. Make sure that your boss is happy with the work that you have done. Then scaffold on what you have done. […]