Yahoo! Marissa Mayer: Career Profile

I am a huge fan of Marissa Mayer (MM). She is a woman of my generation who has kicked career butt in the male dominated industry of IT. She loves fashion, but the self confessed geek runs circles around the world’s top IT genius’s.  MM makes it cool for girls and young women to pursue […]

Mothers Returning to Work

Who is this coaching program for? Mums who had a career before motherhood, who want to navigate their way back into the world of work after extended leave.   What You Get! 1.      8 x 20 min coaching sessions   2.      Coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs and include assistance with: ·         Writing […]

How to Rise to the Top in a Male Domoniated Workplace

Do you work in an organization or industry that is dominated by men? Is almost every senior position in the company held by a man? Do you wonder how it will be possible for you to ever rise to the top in such a male dominated organisation? If so don’t panic! Use our tips below […]